The Bird and the Whale

My boyfriend and I have an annual tradition, where we go and watch the Oscar-nominated shorts at a local independent movie theater, usually spread out over a few weekends. The shorts are divided into three categories: Animated, Live Action (fiction), and Documentary. They’re usually very provocative and span a wide range in social, cultural, and geopolitical topics.

This year, when we were heading to watch the Animated shorts, I was remembering one of the films …

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Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk

Have you ever paused to consider the fact that not only are we humans the only species to consume milk into adulthood, but that we’re the only species to ingest the milk of another species? Most people haven’t, and indeed I myself never contemplated the absurdity of this fact until after I became vegan.

The dairy industry doesn’t want you to think about how completely unnatural it is for humans to drink the milk of …

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Natural Personal Care

Henry David Thoreau said it best: “Simplify, simplify.” Life is usually better when we keep things simple and look to nature for inspiration and solutions. However, the M.O. of the cosmetics and personal care industry might as well be “Complicate, complicate.” Most mainstream body care products contain long lists of complicated chemicals, several of which have been linked to hormone disruption and cancer. They are also usually tested on animals due to their potentially hazardous …

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