Summer Refreshments

The dog days of summer are here, and it’s been hot AF on the East Coast over the past week. In this post, I’ll share some of the natural (nonalcoholic) drinks that have been keeping me cool this summer. But first, let’s talk about the problems with mainstream drinks that people tend to guzzle like it’s their job during summer.

1. Iced coffee drinks

The Best Vegan Avocado Toast

Rich in healthy fats and fiber, avocado toast may just be the best and easiest breakfast ever. This version drizzled with lemon juice and coconut oil, and topped with sea salt, hemp seeds, and crushed red pepper is the one I always make, and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s rich in energizing and nourishing healthy fats, but not overly filling, making it the …

Vegan Summer Fashion

With the warm weather and social festivities taking place, what better time than summer to show people that wearing cruelty-free clothing can be easy and fashionable?

Before I jump into the brands that I like to get my summer clothes from, let’s review the materials that must be avoided in order to be vegan in terms of what we wear:

Leather and suede –