Vegan Spring Fashion

Spring is a time to put away our heavy winter clothes and make way for some lighter and more vibrant garb. In this post I’ll share some of my favorite brands for purchasing vegan spring clothes.

But first let’s quickly go over first the non-veg materials typically found lurking in spring fashion items:

Leather and suede – The hide of animals who were confined, abused, slaughtered, and possibly skinned alive

Wool – Taken from sheep

Vegan Winter Fashion

Being vegan in our society is no easy task, given that almost every single sector in our economy relies on some form of animal exploitation. Of course, perhaps the greatest logistical challenge for vegans lies in finding dairy and meat-free food when the overwhelming majority of food in our culture is not vegan. But in my experience, finding vegan clothes can be even harder sometimes.

Winter is an especially tricky time fashion-wise for vegans, as …

Vegan Fall Fashion

One of my favorite ways to get into fall mode is to start thinking about the new clothes I’m going to wear, particularly vegan sweaters, jackets, boots. Towards the end of the post, I’ll get into my favorite vegan finds for the season. First, let’s talk about a very animal-unfriendly material that gets purchased and worn a lot around this time of year – wool.

The details surrounding the story of wool are not common …

Vegan Summer Fashion

With the warm weather and social festivities taking place, what better time than summer to show people that wearing cruelty-free clothing can be easy and fashionable?

Before I jump into the brands that I like to get my summer clothes from, let’s review the materials that must be avoided in order to be vegan in terms of what we wear:

Leather and suede – The hide of cows who were confined, abused, slaughtered, and possibly

Vegan Bags

When most people think of leather, they tend to think of luxury, value, and couture. But for those of us who know how leather is made, we see a leather bag on display in the store as so much more than just an alluring accessory. We know the story behind it was one of agony and brutality, and to us leather signifies the cruel and inhumane practices of a company that cares only about profits …

Vegan Outerwear

As a vegan, the most difficult fashion challenges are shopping for vegan shoes, outerwear, and accessories – as these are the clothing and accessory categories that are most saturated with animal fur, hide, and feathers.

Me wearing my Hoodlamb Long Coat

I faced this conundrum a few months into being vegan, when I realized that almost all of my shoes, bags, or coats were sourced from animals. I had already been feeling overwhelmed about the …

Vegan Shoes

Much like the curtain drawn between the behind-the-scenes of factory farming and the end products that we see in the supermarket, most of mainstream society isn’t aware of how the materials we wear are produced. People would prefer not to know what happens to animals in the process of getting them to our wardrobe, but if they did, their fashion choices would likely not seem as savory to them any more.

Why should we even