Omnivore or Herbivore?

As humans, we usually take for granted the idea that we can eat just about anything, and therefore we are omnivores.

However, when you compare the teeth and digestive systems carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores, what emerges is the truth that, anatomically and physiologically, we share little in common with carnivores and omnivores, and that we in fact have the classic characteristics of herbivores.

In this post we will delve deep into the “controversial” topic of …

The Problem(s) with Dairy

Have you ever paused to consider the fact that not only are we, humans, the only species to consume milk into adulthood, but that we’re the only species to ingest the milk of another species? Most people haven’t, and indeed I myself never contemplated the absurdity of this fact until after I became vegan.

The dairy industry doesn’t want you to think about how completely unnatural it is for humans to drink the milk of …

Summer Refreshments

The dog days of summer are here, and it’s been hot AF on the East Coast over the past week. In this post, I’ll share some of the natural (nonalcoholic) drinks that have been keeping me cool this summer. But first, let’s talk about the problems with mainstream drinks that people tend to guzzle like it’s their job when it gets hot out.

1. Iced coffee drinks

These drinks are usually loaded with dairy and …

Simple Steps to Sustainable Weight Loss

Back when I was growing up in the 90’s, my brother and I would watch TV for several hours after school. We were forbidden to watch it on weekdays, but my parents were at work until 7 or 8, so they couldn’t do anything about it. Even though it’s now two decades later, I still vividly remember some of the commercials that ran interspersed throughout episodes of Growing Pains and 90210. On the one …

How to Veganize Your Fridge

One of the easiest ways to transition to a vegan diet is to simply replace the dairy products you have in your fridge with plant-based substitutes!

There’s really no reason why we should use meat and dairy products, which entail so much suffering – not only for the animals, but for ourselves in terms of health consequences – when we’re privileged enough to have so many plant-based alternatives readily available at our nearest health food …

How To Be Cold-Proof

Around this time of year, many of us get resigned to the idea that we’ll probably come down with a few colds in fall, winter, or spring and that it just comes with the territory of being alive. But are colds really that inevitable?

In the past few years, I’ve vowed to myself that I would not get a cold. This commitment stems from a six-month period during which I had a recurring ear and …

Health Benefits of Nature

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” -Gary Snyder

Our planet is extraordinarily beautiful.

And yet…the majority of the time we find ourselves amidst artificial and man-made surroundings that fail to inspire and nourish us as nature does. We are adapted to be in nature, but rather than seek fulfillment and healing in the natural environment, we turn to computer screens, gadgets, and pharmaceutical drugs. This movement away from nature and towards …

Healthy Exercise Tips

Experts are now saying that most important factors in preventative medicine are nutrition, quality relationships, and exercise. However, the majority of Americans don’t eat healthily nor do they exercise. The fact that most of us are following the Standard American Diet (SAD) and not exercising goes a long way towards explaining why our healthcare system is broken and why we spend billions of dollars on pharmaceutical drugs every year.

Despite their habits, I believe that …

Healthy Dieting Tips

The key with any long-term healthy lifestyle is to research, experiment, and figure out what works for you. Some vegans find they thrive on a raw diet, while macrobiotic vegans feel best when they eat mostly cooked foods and whole grains. My diet is a cross between macrobiotic and raw – I eat lots of cooked foods and a gluten-free whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, but I also drink green juice and kombucha …

Vegan Supplements: The Basics

If we eat whole foods plant-based diet that is rich is legumes and nuts, alkalizing vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, then we can rest assured that we’re reaping far more benefits from our diet than someone on the Standard American Diet (SAD). However, there are a few missing nutrients in the vegan diet that I wish I had known about when I first started out. These nutrients may sound esoteric and random to a